Vision & Mission:

At EN1 Neuro we offer integrated, evidence based and comprehensive services to children and adolescents in the field of neurology, epilepsy, neurodevelopmental disabilities (NDD) & neuropsychiatry. We have integrated allied relevant branches in the center like endocrinology, speech-language pathology and audiology. We believe that best outcome is possible only when everything is offered under one roof and fitted like a jigsaw. Excellence & evidence based management is our motto and we strive to improve continuously not only in science but also in service delivery.

Most neurological disorders in children are chronic, needing long term care. In some disorders like autism and cerebral palsy, the journey is long and exhaustive for the family. The journey is worse if the services are scattered and lack standardization. By offering experience, expertise and at affordable cost we hope to help the family to transcend artificial barriers and benefit maximally. We aim to innovate & learn constantly to add value to the existing gamut of services

Empowering parent can be one of the key strategies in disease management. In parent education we make them understand the disease thereby reducing the anxieties. In parent training we enable them with strategies to participate in the care and handle additional responsibilities. We also help them to rationalize expectations about the disease outcome. An empowered parent helps to improve the overall prognosis.

Competent and experienced experts & rational, empowered & participative parents can bring about the best possible outcome.

We share the belief deeply held by Gates family that -

'All lives have equal value and all have a right to live a happy, healthy and productive life'

We will strive towards the same.