Speech Pathology & Audiology:

Why is early identification of hearing loss so important?

Early detection and intervention of hearing loss (EHDI) by 6 months of age improves the language outcome substantially. It takes advantage of the plasticity of developing sensory system (critical period initial 0-3 years) for speech and language skills (Ansari, 2004). This improves prognosis in language development and reduces subsequent consequences leading to better academic success, social integration and successful participation in the society (Mason,1998)


EN1 Neuro has been conducting hearing screening since 2010 and has completed screening of 1716 babies till 2015, with an average of 450 babies a year. The screening was performed at private tertiary hospitals, maternity homes and private NICU’s. OAE was used as a screening test, babies who failed the initial screening (refer) were called up for rescreening. Referred babies in the second test were recommended BERA.

Out of the 1716 babies that we screened, 1417 babies passed the first screening test and 299 obtained refer. Out of the 299 referred babies, only 66 babies came in for retesting. 48 babies passed the second test while 18 failed. Through this pilot study, we have developed proficiency in the area of NHS. Though the screening was conducted successfully, tracking and follow up has been a challenge.

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All neonates in a given area must be screened before 1 month of age. A diagnostic audiological evaluation should be completed by no later than 3 months of age. Screening activities must also be placed in the broader context of rehabilitation approaches and rehabilitation should be provided soon as possible and by no later than 6 months of age.


Well babies : Two-stage screening protocol with OAE as the first screen .
The test must be repeated before 6 weeks when the first screen is abnormal/refer . If second screen is abnormal then a diagnostic ABR must be done for confirmation before 3 months.
NICU Babies - NICU babies mustundergo OAE+ BERA screening followed by diagnostic ABR before 3 months



  • OAE Screening
  • Diagnostic BERA


  • Auditory Verbal Therapy
  • Auditory Oral Therapy
  • Sign Language

We have Speech Pathology services dedicated to development of speech, language and social communication of children of all ages and Audiology services for assessment of children with suspected hearing disorders. We provide full range of assessment, treatment, and educational services to children with speech, language, hearing and swallowing disorders.