Parent EDUCATION & Training

Families with a child with disability often need information about the disability, early intervention (for babies and toddlers), school services (for school-aged children), therapy, government policies, and much more. They also need strong emotional support to accept and deal with the disorder. Improving the parental understanding of the disorder and empowering them with knowledge is an important key in disease management and goes a long way in ensuring best possible outcome. Therefore we conduct regular parent awareness and training workshops.

Our mission is to build upon families' strengths & empower parents to achieve the best possible outcomes for children with disabilities, and to enhance the quality of life for children and young adults with disabilities.

We have the following Guiding Principles:

  • Parents should have a comprehensive knowledge of their children.
  • Parents should know their children's rights.
  • The home & school are vital when developing an education program.
  • All children are capable of good behavior &learning.

We will assist you to learn about early intervention services for children from birth to three years of age, can inform you about special education services for school aged children, can help with transition issues for students who will be leaving the educational system and are preparing for the world of work, and can provide information about resources, best practices, specific disabilities, and training opportunities and conferences

We will be conducting parent training and parent education meets every first Saturdays of the month.

For enrolment and further information you can contact our secretary on the regular contact number.