Com-DEALL starting @ EN1 Neuro

on 2nd APRIL 2016


What is Com- DEALL?

An early & intensive intervention program

For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

What is an Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a term that is used to refer to a developmental disorder in children, the incidence of which has increased steadily in the recent past.Children who receive this diagnosis have characteristic impairment in verbal & nonverbal communication, social interaction, sensory experiences, play and leisure activities.Repetitive stereotyped movement and actions, difficulty in adapting to change, lack of imaginative play and unexplained anger and tantrums are some other characteristics.

Since the signs and characteristics appears in a wide variety of combination ranging from mild to severe it is referred to as a spectrum. Two children with the same diagnosis may act different from one another. Characteristics of ASD are also seen in other neurological disorders in children such as Fragile X syndrome or Tuberous Sclerosis.

What causes Autism?

Is it caused by parents and could we have prevented it?

It is believed to be the result of a neurobiological disorder that affects the normal functioning of the brain. There is strong evidence to suggest genetic and environmental factor as being responsible to autism. There is nothing a parent can do either deliberately or unconsciously to cause this neurological disorder. Explanations such as bad parenting, which were held earlier, have now been dismissed.

Is there a cure for Autism?

There is no cure for autism. Children are either born with this disorder or the potential to develop the symptoms. This does not mean nothing can be done to help the child with autism. Early diagnosis and early intervention lead to significantly improved long term outcome.

What is the best treatment option

available for my child with autism?

Most scientific bodies that work with these children today recommend early and aggressive intervention that targets core issues such as sensory, communication and social interaction issues. Developmental approaches normally include an eclectic mix of the best practice suiting the child’s need. Therapy that target goals and objective for children at an early age is important and has been found to be effective. Skills to be targeted should ideally include communication and language development, social and pragmatic skills and self-help skills. Targeting sensory issues, motor and cognitive skills are also essential.

What is early intervention & Why is it important?

Early intervention(EI) is defined as services delivered to children from early infancy till the age of 6 years. EI makes a dramatic impact on reducing the symptoms of autism as young brain are the most plastic and flexible. EI is the key to maximize the potential of every child who is on the spectrum. It begins with observing the developmental milestones and tailoring a comprehensive intervention program for the child. This can help them to reach their full potential.

EN1 Neuro offers 2 intervention programs:

Com- DEALL , I Connect

Communication DEALL

Communication DEALL is an early intervention program for children with autism spectrum disorder and other related disorders, which aims at maximizing their potential through intensive preschool intervention.

The main feature of the program is the profile based intervention that addresses the developmental needs of each individual child along with the sensory, motor, communication and social issues.

It provides intensive early intervention along 8 developmental domains (gross and fine motor skills self-help, communication, cognition, social and emotional skills) along the normal developmental hierarchy.

There is a supportive, predictable environment provided by the three main therapists (speech Language Therapist, Occupational therapist & Special Educator


I-Connect is a customized program developed for children with ASD who cannot be admitted in Com DEALL program because of their age (they are too small or old) or because of other associated disabilities.

The program works on the same principals as Com DEALL as it offers aggressive intervention by team targeting pre-requisite learning & and other skills in various developmental domains after thorough assessment and planning. But it is customized and includes group as well as individual

I-Connect is essentially started for number of children who may not procure admission to the regular Com DEALL program but still need intervention.

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