Learning Disability Clinic

The terms ‘specific learning disability’ refers to a neurodevelopmental problem in which a child of normal intellectual potential (IQ) is encountering unusual difficulty with their academic functioning & this cannot be explained by inadequate educational opportunity or emotional or sensory disabilities.

The learning disability leads to different problems in different children. It could be difficulty in decoding words, reading comprehension, math or writings skills. Although learning disabilities leads to deficits in specific academic skills (reading, mathematics), children with these learning problems often experience difficulties in a variety of aspects of their functioning (language, communication, social-emotional, behavior). Developing a good treatment plan requires a detailed evaluation of each child’s individual needs. We have an excellent team of clinical and counseling psychologist, along with special educators and remedial teachers to take care of these children

We run our Learning Disability Clinic every Wednesday &Saturday between 10.00am to 12.00 pm. You can fix an

appointment with the secretary on our regular contact number.