Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent seizures.  Neonates, children and adolescents can have seizures in different degrees. Epilepsy is often, but not always curable if appropriate diagnosis and treatment is offered.

We have been running ‘Comprehensive Pediatric Epilepsy Program’ at our earlier center named ‘Epilepsy Research Centre for Children’ located at Sion, Mumbai for past 15 years, where we treated thousands of neonates, infants, children and adolescents suffering from various disorders like seizure mimics, NEAD, single seizure, new onset epilepsy, benign epilepsy syndromes, idiopathic epilepsies, symptomatic epilepsies and refractory epilepsy.


The first step to managing pediatric epilepsy is accurate diagnosis.  Therefore we focus on thorough history and physical evaluation, which is often followed by EEG to measure electrical activity in brain. In many children we ask for MRI and in some genetic and metabolic tests.


Our approach to children with epilepsy is centered on controlling and preferably eliminating seizures, which helps to improve child’s development and cognition. We achieve this in 70-80% of children with well-chosen medications or occasionally with diet. About 70-80% percent of children with epilepsy can obtain seizure control with medications. We try use monotherapy or judicious polytherapy.

Comprehensive care for comorbidities:

Psycho-educational, developmental and behavioral comorbidities are very common in children with epilepsy and are caused by seizures, abnormal electrical activity, underlying brain damage, parental attitudes and anxiety, and the use of drugs for prolonged period. ADHD is the commonest comorbidity. Other neurodevelopmental disabilities which are comorbid are CP, MR, ASD and LD.

These children need comprehensive care with a team consisting of rehabilitation therapists and psychologists. We have been working as a team in the past and are well equipped to handle the comorbidities. Optimization of care brings about best outcome.

We run our Epilepsy Clinic every Monday afternoon 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm. You can fix an appointment with the secretary on our regular contact number.