Autism Clinic

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are defined by:

  • Characteristic deficits in reciprocal social interactions (i.e., back and forth interactions) and communication
  • The presence of unusual, restricted and repetitive behaviors and interests. Social impairments are the core deficit in all ASDs.

The term autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) is used interchangeably with pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs) to refer to autism and the four autistic-like conditions described in the DSM-IV-TR. The other disorders are Asperger’s disorder, Rett’s disorder, childhood disintegration disorder (CDD), and pervasive developmental disorder, not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS).


  • A detailed developmental history from parents including information about family, your family history of medical/ developmental disorders, and child's social environment.
  • Developmental or cognitive assessments (IQ).
  • Language assessment(REELS)
  • Social interaction assessment (CARS/ISSA)


We have adopted the COM DEALL program for intervention. Communication DEALL (COM DEALL) intervention program targets the sensory perceptual, motor and communication issues in ASD. The theoretical understanding of the Communication DEALL program is that it is caused by a neurological disorder resulting in a range of sensory perceptual and motor executive difficulties.  The communication &social and cognitive deficits, in children with ASD are probably consequences of these rather than as core symptoms. The behavior problems are seen as their reactions arising out of these difficulties rather than being an indispensable part of the disorder. Intervention addressed to ameliorate the more basic sensory motor and communication difficulties are seen to address and reduce the many behavioral issues.

We run our Autism Clinic every Wednesday between 10.00am to 12.00 pm. We run our COM DEALL program Mod- Friday between 10.00 to 1.00 pm. You can fix an appointment with the secretary on our regular contact number.